Wireless Lan Course

For something new to do in the evening’s i’me taking a couple of CISCO courses on wireless networking at the local college. The first one is the Fundamentals of wireless networking followed by a security oriented exam.

I don’t just do SEO/SEM at THUK as we are a small and growing company I wear several hats so I look after the network and pc side of things.

Ive been doing some digging and have idenitifed so interesting side projects id like to do off the back of these courses – the warrocketing I mentioned before is of particular interest as the college does have an aerospace side and I’me seriously considering doing a war rocket pay load using something like the gumstix range of computers – on a much smaller rocket to boot.

The gumstixs look nice I have a few interesting ideas which I might mention later.
I enjoyed the previous Cisco courses at Bedford and am looking forward to the course.

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