More Dirt as the rocks are kicked over at HP

More and more dirt is coming to light as the rocks are over turned in the HP spying scandal.

It now turns out that the PI’s hired by HP have done a bit more than social engineering they physically followed some of the reporters and actually sent dummy emails with tracking software embedded to try and get at reporters computers.

The more that comes out I’m not surprised  why Tom Perkins walked out.

OK a know that the off the record briefings are a bit naughty (there’s the whole question of supporting the collective ) but for fucks sake the take over of HP by Compaq is intensely political so there are going to be “political” issues – I get the impression that Patrica just forgot that’s how the game is played.

It may be that post the 2nd Iraq war, enron etal. Americas swing back to the left (its telling that on slashdot the first article about this immediately descended into a flame war about George W and not the issue at hand.)

Its unfortunate for those HP people caught up in this but maybe it will help improve privacy laws in the US and corporate governance. Roosevelt’s comment capitalism   only “Works “ if all sides benefit – is somthing that some people seem to have forgoten!!!

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