World of Warcraft the new golf?

I saw this a while back – some techies in the valley are using WOW world of warcraft to schmooze prompting some people to make comparisons with the use of Golf

Some people have even held business meetings online in particular Joi Ito (a senior manger at technorati) theres an interesting article on newsweek about this and the whole new wave online games (Shades being the Daddy)

Turns out that Joi isnt as youg as I thought his bio has pic of an isp he helped out “I lent them my bathroom to be their first POP in Japan. (People wouldn’t rent space to an unknown US company.) I was probably one of the first people in Japan to have a 128K leased line in their toilet. ” 🙂


Love the VT100 in the background real old skool tech (though with rs232 ports that where a bit sensitive to induced curents in the long runs we had at BHRA 

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