Rocket Boys – Homer Hickam

I don’t often read biographies but I did enjoy Rocket boys  – a memoir  by a  NASA engineer (hes since retired) about his upbringing in a small coalmining town and how the launch of sputnik fired him and a few of friends  to develop their own rockets.

I found a post on Usenet (I was doing some research for a potential project I may do as part of my wireless Cisco courses later this year)

The post mentions they are reopening the range the boys used in the late50’s early 60s as part of a charity event to raise money for the local community.
It also turns out that there are sequels to the orgiaonal book – ill have to look out for them.

I do have one related rocket story: years ago I was doing a BTECH (mech eng with a thermofluids specialisation) when the lecturer handed round a lump of bashed up metal and asked what we thought its was  ( noticing a small swastika ) – I realised that it was the impeller from  the fuel pump from  an A4 (A V2 rocket)

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