Ive seen/heard some things in my time

I found out about the Stuning goings on at HP on Robert Scobels blog

 In Brief the Chair of HP got an outside third party to hack into other Board members home phone – and admited the fact at a full board meeting -cue a “interesting discusion” during which one of the board members walked out.

At first i thought – Tom perkins – that name sounds familair wow hes a senior partner at Travis Perkins Caufield & Byers – further reading turns up yes hes one of the founders.

Oh and in his letter (here at the smoking gun)  he nicely points out that he was a Friend of both of the founders.

BTW Kevin Mitntik went down in large part for the Crime that the Chair of HP admited to  – 5 years I seem to remeber.

I did like the comment on vallywag

Q. What’s the difference between HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn and once-jailed hacker Kevin Mitnick?
A. One’s a pretexter, the other’s a convicted pretexter!

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