Oh Dear me – Google(tm) Lawyers have a hissy fit

Just as Google joined the elite club of Brands that  have become so pervasive that are used as a generic term (Hoover Asprin etc)

Various Papers marked the occasion of “google” had entered Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary(the equivalent to the OED in TH uk)

You might have though that Google tm would be happy that they have so trounced the opposition – but no various papers have got snarky letters from Googles Trademark bots^h^h^h^H lawyers.

Some of the suggested correct ways to use are “Interesting”

Appr opriate: I ran a Google search to check out that guy from the party.
Inappropriate: I googled that hottie.

Interesting that a company that’s banging people with the big corporate stick over its trademark should use such “ill advised terminology”

Google make a huge play on how hardcore their recruitment process though from the outside it does seem to be more about being able to memorize language specs  and to discus OO in a way that would make Jacques Derrida squeal with pleasure. Maybe they sould pay more attention to real world issues you know that big room with the blue ceiling 😉

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