Google myspace tie up

Google has won a biding war for the right to serve adverts on myspace. The deal is worth approximately $900 million – but given the revenue that Google will make from adsense  should more than make up for that.

Having said that a large proportion of my space  user base are not old enough to have credit cards – and there is anecdotal evidence that college students and older myspace users migrate to facebook or other more “grown up” social networking sites so not all advertisers may feel inclined to display adds on myspace (and I am fairly sure as eggs is eggs that before 6months is out there will be a moral panic about in appropriate adds – probably stirred up by the usual suspects and I cant see the daily mail passing up a chance to have a pop at Murdoch.)

Given that the average myspace site could charitably be described (adapting a quote from a royal courtier) as “Ugly, Ugly, Ugly”. It will be interesting – as Google checks if a page that is going to serve addsense adverts for quality – to see which pages on my space carry adds – and for what advertisers

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