RPG Gamers Spinal Tap

Someone has made a film about RPG Gamers some what in the style of Best of show the trailer does look like its

The IMDB summary “”Gamers” is a comedy about the lives of four hapless friends (and one obsessive interloper) and how they evolve over a 23-year span. It centers on a single day when they are about to break a world record for hours spent role-playing a game called DND, or Demons, Nymphs, and Dragons.”

Hmm only 23 years wusses 😉 though coming from a “Real” wargaming back ground we tend to feel slightly superior to RPG only types and tend to have way more lead.

I know that “Wesly” from STNG was trying to do a spoof Pro Celebrity DnD a while back –  hmm I must get in contact with my Tv Media Friends and see if we could do a spoof  where did I put  Mary Gentles email address.

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