SEO Tips – Baking a new domain

One of the problems when launching a brand new site is getting through what’s termed in the SEO biz the sand box – informally its some times know as baking a site or a domain.

For various reasons search engines and in particular Google trust older sites more than completely brand new ones and there  can be a considerable delay up to 9-12 months in some cases before a site will start to work properly in Google.One way of reducing the time spent in the sand box is to put up small place holder sites to allow the search engines to get to know a site. 

Recently I did this for a security training company (they do legaly required training courses for bouncers and doormen in the uk) and on the day of the site launch I had them on page one of Google for a few search terms.

This was niche training in a new area which helped as the sand box/aging delay depends on the type of site being launched. 

There are a number of other pre launch areas that we can help with as well as all the other aspects of SEO.

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