.mobi takes off



No not that annoying animated cutesy phone in the car phone warehouse adds.

Its new top level domain time again .mobi has just been launched in its initial stages.

.mobi is meant  for organizations offering services to mobile devices and to try and make access the internet from mobile devices main stream rather than the patchy and expensive nice market.

From the 22nd of may trade mark holders in the “mobile industry” can register .mobi domains from 12 June to 22 Aug other trademark holders can register domain’s from 23rd Aug its then open season for the general public.

.mobi may be of interesting for people wanting to do sites for mobile devices and for big companies interested in protecting their brand.

It’s will be interesting to see if the mobile industry really embraces the internet model of allowing everyone to provide content as opposed to the highly priced walled garden model that the mobile companies love so much.

Its backed by the mobile industry and given the previous botched implementation of things like wap I hope they have learnt lessons from the wap fiasco.

A while back I wnet to some highpowered wap seminar and i was staggered by the major cockups in the roleout of wap – some one eaven used the term Sub in a non iroic way FFS!!

For those of you that havn't worked for old school phone compaines a Sub is what we used to call customers a long while back.

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