Google Big Daddy Down for the count

I previous a previous post  I mentioned that there may be future changes to google after Big daddy finished at the start of April

And Boy it looks like there have been!

After Big Daddy was finished around the start of April people started reporting major problems  some sites where reporting 99% plus of there pages disappearing  from Google.

I have seen problems reported with loads of sites and one of my clients who lost a lot of pages and saw a substantial falloff in business as a result.

The problems may be related to other issues Google’s CEO admitted that “Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis”

So maybe theer are undisclosed problems with the computers that Google uses to provide its service – though with the amount of cash that Google has one does have to question that they should not be in that situation.

It may be that it’s neither and there was a momentous fuck-up in the roll out of the new algorithms that had unintended consequences

The widespread concern with the SEO community has been noticed by more main stream press with the register doing an article last Thursday.

Google has been very agressive and some would say elitist in its recruitment poilicy getting Vice Cerf to head up its recruitment but it seems like a lot of US and tech companies they dont have professional HR recruitment practices.

They need to to do a lot more testsing before release and be a lot more prfessional in how they operate For Fucks sakes guys its not a start up any more – your big boys and you fuck up its real people whos buninesses suffer and its their staff that get made redundant.

Oh i'me not just a jonny come lately SEO – I  a do have experiance in running business critical systems I used to look after all of Telecom Golds Billing system.

Oh and guys don't metion mysql in your recuritment adds its just looks fucking Amateur maybe thats whey you cant recruit pros'.

Rant Over…

There are steps you can take to help in this situation and for my client I have been very agressive in making changes and working on the site – whilst not an over night solution we have had some success in making sure there pages are back in goggles index.

If your site has lost traffic or position in Google you can contact me at work for advice and SEO consultancy.

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