And our next guest is The FGMP-15

One of the more out there things if found recently is something that proves William Gibson’s adage the street finds uses for things is a new take on the talk show format.

An enterprising and off the wall new show this Spartan life is set within the virtual reality of the halo2 game – Damian Lacedaemion the host complete with a house Dj and a set of Elites as an alien  pans people (though I still preferred Suzi Quatro to pans people – Those leather outfits 😉 )

I do like the fact that they are open servers and the production crew sometimes have to Frag^h^h^h^h run interference from some of the shows more intense fans. News night did a newscast in a custom second life environment so its not as off the wall as it sounds.

I bet Jonathon Ross could host something like this – may be a Radio 2 Dj Death Match you know there’s got to be some resentments over that accidental release of those pay scales.

Hay Jonathon i could be yr Digital version of Andy

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