Launching an new Website

Making sure that a website is launched is not just a case of getting your nephew to knock something up in his ICT class and loading it onto  the free website your broadband supplier provides.

You need to plan a website launch several months in advance as Google and other search engines wont list a brand new site immediately. Why? unfortunately in the past it was possible to set up thousands of sites and fake your way to a good position in the search engines.

So Goggle have something to stop this happening its normally referred to as the  "sand box"

The Google Sandbox is very similar to a new website being placed on probation and kept lower than expected in searches, prior to being given full value for its incoming links and content.

What I advise is immediately a new sites domain is live to put up a place holder site so that the real site when launched it spends less time in the sand box – you can also use this limited site to prepare the way and collect emails from people  interested the site for use when the site launches.

For example one of my last pure development jobs prestige distribution took 4+ months to get any page rank this is without any active SEO just good practice in development Goggle site maps and a couple of links to get Google started. Though I am  pleased that its a Pr4 site

If you don't submit a site to the Search engines (just do the big three to start with) and get a link from one or two  sites that google or other searchengines know about – you wont be found! Google is'nt telepathic 😉 

I'm just starting on a training companies website (which is still being developed ) by creating a placeholder page which should when the site is finished help the site to get launched faster.

Theres lots of other areas that you have to get right the hosting and domain for example its key to get the server in the right country and domain for your user for example.

 If you need professional advice on SEO  or web development contact me through here or at work on 01234 219119 or via the works website

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