Google comes out

Google has finally come out and started giving the names of Companies banned from Google for using naughty SEO techniques.
High profile companies like BMW had been outed as using un-ethical techniques and droped from googles index

A whole slew of companies using a Black Hat SEO Traffic Power have been banned.
Unfortunately a lot of the marketing types in charge  of companies web sites don’t have a grasp of the realities of the internet and can do unknowing damage to a brand that may have taken 50 years to get where it is.

One example is the use of dubious software on Sony cd’s has done a lot of damage to Sonys rep – what would Mr Sony say (Hopefully he would expect the perpetrators to cut there little fingers off Yakusa Style)

I wonder if there’s a site for reporting stupid stunts like this and the bmw SEO?

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3 thoughts on “Google comes out

  1. This is very interesting and I AM Curious — how do you know this and where does one find this information ‘officially’? Where does google publish it and when? (how soon after they’ve de-listed a company/site?) Is there a list of ‘unethical techniques’? If so, where? What is/are the best place(s) to learn how to do it properly and ethically?

    Me: Still a novice, newbie, non-techie and newly learning all this ‘secret’ SEO stuff …

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