Big Daddy – Changes Google

Big Changes at Google

Google is making changes to the way it works which could have implication’s for many websites;

A major change to the way Google works is under way codenamed “Big Daddy” Started at the start of Febuary and is
now beginning to effect searches on google.

The new BigDaddy is a major hardware and software update and contains new code for examining and sorting the Web, and once it has been tested fully, will become the default source for Web results, according to Google search engineer Matt Cutts. In a recent post on his blog, Cutts said that the secret project might be launched early in February or March of this year.

According to Rob Sullivan, head organic search strategist at search marketing firm Enquiro, “an algorithm update is like putting new tyres on a car this BigDaddy is like putting in a whole new turbo charged motor. They’re totally revamping how Google works and resolving some long-standing issues with getting sites indexed properly.”

Google is as eaver very tigh liped about what thay are changing runmored updates are fixes for the problem of site hijacking and improvements to the way sites are balcklisted in the way BMW was recently.

More information here as it becomes availible

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