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Wireless Lan Course September 30, 2006

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For something new to do in the evening’s i’me taking a couple of CISCO courses on wireless networking at the local college. The first one is the Fundamentals of wireless networking followed by a security oriented exam.

I don’t just do SEO/SEM at THUK as we are a small and growing company I wear several hats so I look after the network and pc side of things.

Ive been doing some digging and have idenitifed so interesting side projects id like to do off the back of these courses – the warrocketing I mentioned before is of particular interest as the college does have an aerospace side and I’me seriously considering doing a war rocket pay load using something like the gumstix range of computers – on a much smaller rocket to boot.

The gumstixs look nice I have a few interesting ideas which I might mention later.
I enjoyed the previous Cisco courses at Bedford and am looking forward to the course.

HP’s Chair thought the people’s phone bills where in the public domain September 29, 2006

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The HP story gets more and more bizarre at a congressional hearing Patrica dunn said that she thought that everyone’s phone bill was available just for the asking.

Congressman Greg Walden  was rather stunned by this to stay the least.

From my time in BT I can assure any FTSE350 Board member not to try this at home – BT takes a VERY dim view of this sort of thing and I know that the senior developers on systems that have this data have to be PV’d by the security services.

There was a case a few years ago when a Journalist got a temp job in a BT building and found out various numbers for Buckingham palace. Boy was security tight after that.

I worked in the building a few weeks later- on an imposably high powered project and they where very strict on physical security even though the project had a couple of senior board members as patrons – could we get a pass for that building no we had to wait for people that the security guards knew!!

WOW Guild Blog September 28, 2006

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Decided to create a WOW Guild blog mainly as a resource for tracking the Oposing hoard players that are taking the piss and repeatedly killing lowlevel players geting Ganked in the Jargon.

And as way of cordinateing apropriate punishment :-)

 The Blog is here (note the Culture reference oh btw my answers to the 3 questions  are yes Yes YES!)

More Dirt as the rocks are kicked over at HP September 20, 2006

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More and more dirt is coming to light as the rocks are over turned in the HP spying scandal.

It now turns out that the PI’s hired by HP have done a bit more than social engineering they physically followed some of the reporters and actually sent dummy emails with tracking software embedded to try and get at reporters computers.

The more that comes out I’m not surprised  why Tom Perkins walked out.

OK a know that the off the record briefings are a bit naughty (there’s the whole question of supporting the collective ) but for fucks sake the take over of HP by Compaq is intensely political so there are going to be “political” issues – I get the impression that Patrica just forgot that’s how the game is played.

It may be that post the 2nd Iraq war, enron etal. Americas swing back to the left (its telling that on slashdot the first article about this immediately descended into a flame war about George W and not the issue at hand.)

Its unfortunate for those HP people caught up in this but maybe it will help improve privacy laws in the US and corporate governance. Roosevelt’s comment capitalism   only “Works “ if all sides benefit – is somthing that some people seem to have forgoten!!!

World of Warcraft the new golf? September 17, 2006

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I saw this a while back – some techies in the valley are using WOW world of warcraft to schmooze prompting some people to make comparisons with the use of Golf

Some people have even held business meetings online in particular Joi Ito (a senior manger at technorati) theres an interesting article on newsweek about this and the whole new wave online games (Shades being the Daddy)

Turns out that Joi isnt as youg as I thought his bio has pic of an isp he helped out “I lent them my bathroom to be their first POP in Japan. (People wouldn’t rent space to an unknown US company.) I was probably one of the first people in Japan to have a 128K leased line in their toilet. ” :-)


Love the VT100 in the background real old skool tech (though with rs232 ports that where a bit sensitive to induced curents in the long runs we had at BHRA 

Adsense Abuse September 13, 2006

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Imagine my surprise when reading the leader on the register about the stitch up over the HP board (the CEO geting promoted when he should have resigned)

I saw a very dubious adsense add on the page take a look at this image.


and the second advert down “Photos of sexual abuse” hum nice

Dunn is Dunn September 12, 2006

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Looks like the scandel of the Hacking incident at HP has claimed its first victim - the chair has anounced that she is steping down in Jan (though most would have said she should have gone now)

The CEO is going to do the Chairs job which is very dicey in terms of  good corporate governance – I doubt the big investors are going to like that – and Mark Hurd better be whiter than white when it comes to knowing when the hacking occured.

Rocket Boys – Homer Hickam September 10, 2006

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I don’t often read biographies but I did enjoy Rocket boys  – a memoir  by a  NASA engineer (hes since retired) about his upbringing in a small coalmining town and how the launch of sputnik fired him and a few of friends  to develop their own rockets.

I found a post on Usenet (I was doing some research for a potential project I may do as part of my wireless Cisco courses later this year)

The post mentions they are reopening the range the boys used in the late50’s early 60s as part of a charity event to raise money for the local community.
It also turns out that there are sequels to the orgiaonal book – ill have to look out for them.

I do have one related rocket story: years ago I was doing a BTECH (mech eng with a thermofluids specialisation) when the lecturer handed round a lump of bashed up metal and asked what we thought its was  ( noticing a small swastika ) – I realised that it was the impeller from  the fuel pump from  an A4 (A V2 rocket)

Ive seen/heard some things in my time September 6, 2006

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I found out about the Stuning goings on at HP on Robert Scobels blog

 In Brief the Chair of HP got an outside third party to hack into other Board members home phone – and admited the fact at a full board meeting -cue a “interesting discusion” during which one of the board members walked out.

At first i thought – Tom perkins – that name sounds familair wow hes a senior partner at Travis Perkins Caufield & Byers – further reading turns up yes hes one of the founders.

Oh and in his letter (here at the smoking gun)  he nicely points out that he was a Friend of both of the founders.

BTW Kevin Mitntik went down in large part for the Crime that the Chair of HP admited to  – 5 years I seem to remeber.

I did like the comment on vallywag

Q. What’s the difference between HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn and once-jailed hacker Kevin Mitnick?
A. One’s a pretexter, the other’s a convicted pretexter!


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